Thursday, October 16, 2008

Another crazy day..

So yesterday the Vice President of my company I work for was in town to make plans for the new building we will be moving into. She basically came down to decide how it will be designed and to buy all new office furniture and to deligate who will be in what offices and what the other rooms will be used for.
Her, My boss and myself all went to the new office to brainstorm ideas. Afterward I had arranged for her to meet with a furniture broker at a showroom in Irvine after viewing the office. We stopped at Wahoo's for lunch than dropped off my boss at the office while we went shopping for new furniture. It was a lot of fun we got tons of sample fabrics and mapped out where we wanted everything to go. We spent 3 hours there which was not to bad to furnish a Huge office. Once we got back to the office to get our belongings She and I went to Fashion Island to have some cocktails and meet my boss and his wife for dinner at French 75. It was a loooong day!
Today her and I went back to the new office with a contractor to show him some things we want to build in the new office. While inside every office that had a window had these cute little lizards lounging in them. One scampered away but the other one I had to save and let go outside cause he was trapped inside the office.

Well Jane is now on a flight back to NY and I am let to handle the rest of the office planning until she comes back in November for the final touches.

When Parker came home from school today he told me he had some surprises for me.
He brought me home a pencil sharpener, and plastic elephant and a ring!

He got them for doing so good on his homework. Which tonight I will be helping him with his social studies report that will reflect on his report card.

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