Friday, October 24, 2008

Reflecting on the Days of Rallying

So I am enjoying a glass of wine and reflecting on my more youthful days of going to clubs,going to rallies and doing a whole Lotta of drinking.
I was just thinking about that one of the funnest rallies I have been too is going on this weekend. The Nogales Scooter rally.
I remember me and my husband ( boyfriend at the time)and his friend and my friend all crammed in a truck driving to Arizona. It was a long long drive.
Some highlights of the rally was riding through the desert with no helmet for 4 hours to the camp site. After we pitched our tents a group of us jumped in the back of a friends pick up truck and drove to TJ for dinner and drinks. My husband got really loaded and almost went to jail for grabbing this huge vase thing in the restaurant and carrying out of the restaurant and they chased him down...what a insane night. We than ( highly intoxicated) drove back to the campsite wearing sombreros and partied the night away.
I remember one funny moment when our friend Mike Burns was driving a support truck to the campsite and the back was full of peoples belongings while they rode their scooters and I guess some pillows blew out the back of the truck and he was in the middle of the street picking up pillows and we laughed at him as we were passing by on the scooters.
Anyway I miss going to scooter rallies..I try to make it out to one every so often..
I thought I would post some random scooter photos..

Nyle at the Kings Classic Rally in San Francisco

Just some random scooter photo of my husbands brothers old scooter club

My husbands scooter

Steve, Eric and Carlos

My scooter and My almost scooter ( mine is the smaller one)

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