Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Feeling like a kid again

I was reflecting on my childhood today and thought about my favorite toy growing up and I remember it was my beloved dollhouse.

I got my dollhouse for xmas. It was the most beautiful wooden dollhouse and my dad made it for me which made it all more special.

I played with that house everyday. I played with it till it became a safety hazard with it's broken pieces of wood here and there snagging at my arm.

I remember painting the rooms and making my own pieces of furniture with little odds and ends I would find around the house. I had Sulvainan (sp) family (there were little furry animal figurines that came in family and had outfits).

My mom would give me homemade dough and I would mold them into food shapes and bake them, than paint them and put a gloss over them and they worked perfectly for my little families.

Today I bought almost the exact dollhouse for Ava.
I thought it would be a fun project for Gabe,Parker and myself to all pitch in and create together for her.

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