Thursday, October 9, 2008

The heat wave is least I hope so..

So I am having my coffee here at work looking out the window and it is soo chilly and windy outside. I LOVE IT!! Josh and I were just talking about how much we been wanting this weather. He is from Oregon so he was feeling like he was at home.
Rafeal is our new guy here at work and he moved here from Florida. His new house has a communtiy garden in it so he has been bringing me goodies. Yesterday he brought me some limes, some frsh cut roses and a pumpkin for Parker to decorate. Today he brought me a big batch of fresh cut basil and it smells AWESOME. The whole office smells like a pizza kitchen.

I wonder what he will bring me tomorrow? I asked him to bring me some basil with the roots so I can plant my own. Hopefully he will remember.

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