Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!


Today is Halloween!! Too bad we can't get Halloween off at work! It is my favorite Holiday!!
Anyways Tonight Andy and Davina and their kids,steven and Angelina and their kids are coming over and my mom and dad are coming over and we are dressing the kids up and have a bunch of goodies for them and pumpkins to carve.
We got the kids chips and dip,pizzas, and Halloween Jones sodas flavored like candy corn and this vampire one that is pomegranate
Gabe is going to make Halloween Blackberry martini's tonight for the adults to have and afterwards we are gonna take the group of kids out trick o treating!!
Parker is going to be a storm trooper and Ava is going to be a Bat. I think Gabe is gonna wear his star trek costume an I am just gonna be a little witch.
I bought this cool Day of the Dead mask for my dad to wear while he passes out candy at my house tonight.
I bought some pretty good treats. We got snickers,peanut butter cups,kit Kat's, Milk Duds, mini bags of Cheetos and Doritos,Harry Potter blood pops,charm blow pops, pixie sticks and for the teenagers that show up in no costumes..vanilla tootsie rolls heheehehehe I think my dad said he was gonna get some jawbreakers for the teens too LOL
I can't wait!! I just love love love Halloween!!!

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