Friday, October 3, 2008


It has been such a hectic week ..I can't believe how crazy it has been. My office is currently in the process of moving into our new bigger and better building. Right now it empty but since I am the Office Manager I have soo much stuff to get together for it. Today I just arranged for the electricity to be turned on there. I also just talk to a office furniture broker to set up an appointment on the type of design we want to create. I have a 50,000.00 budget to style the building. We are gonna have such an awesome place!! I now have to change the business license over to the new address and start planning for HVAC inspection, than find a flooring compnay to put in checkerboard tiles in the class rooms and have the new alarm systems put in and order decals for the windows and etc. I am even more tired just thinking about it.

Anyway it is going to be a long and tiring fall. We have till the end of December to be all settled in.

On a good note Ava slept through the night last night. She had two big bottles at midnight and did not wake up till new alarm clock since that is when I get up for work..I am soo happy I get to sleep in a little tomorrow..or at least have the opprotunity to nap!

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