Thursday, October 2, 2008

My time in Palm Springs

Well I am back at work and still recovering from the dealer meeting.

What a blast Palm Springs was but it was more work than anything else and I was dying from the heat. It was about 110!!! Basically I got a lot of cool Vespa, Aprilia, and Moto Guzzi goodies.

The first day we got there and helped out marketing get everything together in the ball room the day before the meeting began. After we were done Me, and Holly and Sean went to Ralphs to buy a big bottle of Vodka and went back and made a few cocktails in my room than met the bosses for a snazzy dinner. The next morning we ( Holly and I ) had to be up and at it by 10am to set up for our IT workshop we were doing and what a bust that was cause Italy was backing up the systems on Sunday so we could not fully function the programs we needed for our demo.

At 5pm was open bar cocktail hour til 7pm sponsored by GE financing. We got to mingle with the dealers before the big dinner and 2009 Product Launch ( which we paid I heard about 100 grand just on the set up of this room with the sound systems and lighting and effects and so on)

They finally open the ballroom for dinner and than shortly after started the big product launch.

We were in for a big surprise we had a special guest speaker ( Jay Leno) come and do a stand up for about an hour and helped present the new bikes. He was sooooo funny I had tears in my eyes!! After the dinner me and Holly tried to get out and meet with dealers at the bar but we were too tired and knew we had even a bigger day tomorrow.

Monday we were busy the whole day doing our workshop and closed up shop at 6pm. We than went to the Motorcycle stunt show and afterwards met up with our customer care gal pal TJ from the New York office and went back to my room to have a few drinks before the pool side dinner event.

Well we had 4 oj vodkas each before heading poolside to the catered dinner. We ate than went back to the room and had another drink. We than went back to the pool to meet up with some more of the NY staff. We noticed it was pretty empty and realized all the dealers must have headed to the bar. Well we were pretty buzzed and thought lets find the dealers that kept saying they owed us drinks and hit them up for them.

Well basically to shorten the story a bit we found them and had about 4 cosmos each bought for us and got Hammered!!!

Anyway Holly and I seemed to have gotten talked into flipping off a camera as requested by one of the dealership general managers so he could send it to his service guy which calls me up all the time. I said I didn't want to do it but he said come on he will think it is so funny so after a couple more drinks we were drunk enough to do it...

The next day the piaggio staff had to stay for a staff meeting which our staff now is 75!! It was all a really fun positive vibe.

All in all we had a Blast but I am still recovering. I was so tired and coming home to a baby that wakes me up twice a night has been difficult..considering I am back at the office now.

Anyways I posted a couple pictures up. Basically of Jay Leno. and Me and Holly's blackmail photo and two funny shots of Marco on the new Aprilia in a pose that he attached in a email to send everyone which was replied back to by Sean which happen to have a photo exactly like Marco's. Too funny. I hope to get some more from Peter.

Check out other pictures on his site

Peter works in the office with me. He does some awesome photography!!

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