Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Knott's Scary Farm part 2

Woo HOO I finally found my camera cord (here under my desk at work) so now I can finally start updating my blog. Anyways as I said in a earlier post on the Knott's Scary Farm trip here are My pictures I took of the evening..,

The yummy Pumpkin Pie shots that Holly bought us at the bar at the restaurant we were all celebrating at before going to the park.
We gave Josh a exclusive MOD wine for his birthday..this is Josh and Gabe posing with the bottle
We were a little tipsy and while some of our group went on a roller coaster a few others hung out in a scare zone..This was me dancing to Thriller in the Fog
Some friendly Ghouls of a Royal kind that we chatted a while with
A spooky Ghostly Horseman
At the Beer garden before going on more rides and mazes..Holly face after drinking a Witches brew..This drink was lethal if you can't tell by the looks of her
Me and Vickie
All us Gals..I think this was after or right before we were dancing to a Disco set Josh requested the DJ to play
Aww how sweet Josh and Vickie dancing
Then I caught Burns and Greg dancing to something and this shot was classic..they look like a couple of Apes
Holly kept mentioning how she was not getting hummm riiiiiighhht...
After more drinking and later the night gets we all got kinda glad Josh and Vickie let us stay in their room with them...Greg looks like he is getting some assistance with the locals..
I have no idea what we were looking at...
What a perfect ending to this set of pictures then with Michael shrugging at something..yep classic

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