Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pow Club Reunion

Last Saturday Gabe and I went out to a Pow Club Reunion gig. Pow Club was a old Scooter club back in the 80's. My boss even made it out! Anyway the event was held at the VINE BAR in Hollywood. Here are few of the scooters that made it out.Holly and Myself with our Boss Erik.
Gabe and Tony
A look who came out of the wood work..TERRY!!! I have not seen this guy since my wedding day 6 years ago!..Still the same ol Terry!! HARD MOD..I got to catch up to with Peter who I seem to see less and less these days as well.
Old Go Fast Boys...Erik and Bruce
The Untouchables played. They were everyone dancing
Holly is the Life of the usual
Erik and His Rally
Me posing on Greg's bike..Look at all the pretty Lights and Mirrors
We had a GREAT TIME!! when is the next one???

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