Monday, October 5, 2009

Halloween Time at Disneyland

So last Friday afterwork Gabe and I and the kids and Chris and Holly decided we would go to Disneyland for the evening and check out all the Halloween decorations and ride on the Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy and the Haunted mansion..well..we should have known just by all the traffic around the park that it was not happening.
We drive up and it is just packed with cars and I was thinking why is it SOO crowded. Our first inclination was we ended up having to park on the roof at seriously the 2nd to the last parking space available and then getting out of the car I see ALLLLLL these kids in Halloween costumes when I finally realized OOOHHHH this must be for the trick o treat thing that is going on in Cal Adventure so we thought cool maybe Disneyland won't be so packed cause everyone is going to to DCA..NOT!!! We walked into Disneyland and it was not too bad and we headed straight for Space Mountain where we noticed hmm no fast pass times on the board (must be sold out) I walked over to the fast pass booths and yep they were sold out and the wait time to get on the ride was 110 minutes..(almost 2 hours!!) so then we were like forget about it we will take the train to the Haunted Mansion..Well that was not any better...55 min wait and the line was all the way down by the restaurant in the middle of New Orleans square and there was total traffic control where everyone had to walk one way and ugh it was a nightmare!!! We decided to get the hell outta there and just go home..we figure we will go back on a week night rather then a Friday.
Anyways I am most likely going to be taking Parker and Ava to the trick o treat event next Thursday as long as Gabe can get the night off..hence the reason i have not purchased the tickets yet..I don't think I can take the two of them by myself...well maybe.....


Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

No The Lil monsters thing is the 24th I think. My mom said there just letting kid's where costumes for the Halloween season.

Iris said...

oh..cause on my AP holders they have wed thur and fri as their trick or treat thing there from 6:30-10:30 for a cost of 26.00 per person. It seems really cool. We saw so many cute costumes.