Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pa's Pumpkin Patch

This Past Sunday we took the kids to Pa's Pumpkin Patch. It is a really fun spot. It has a petting zoo, games, rides and tons and tons of pumpkins. This was Ava's first trip and she was just all smiles when she saw the place. She was banging on the pumpkins like drums and just laughing and running all over the place.
Parker had a lot of fun too.
We tried to see if Ava would pick out a little pumpkin but she just kept throwing them down like balls.
Parker went on quite a few rides.
We wanted to put Ava on something so this was the one..Parker didn't want to go on it but we told him he had to so that he can make sure Ava won't climb out.
The kids had fun playing in this Teepee that was there.
Kids just cannot get enough of Jumpers
We sat for some hot dog eating
I love this picture..I just wish it was more close up
Parker's Pumpkin Patch
Rows and Rows of Pumpkins.
Parker decided to play this ping pong ball game to see if you can win a gold fish..HE WON TWO!!
I think this is the pumpkin that should come home with us
Another fun family

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