Thursday, October 22, 2009

Catching up...My Business trip

It's been very busy with work these past few weeks with our annual dealer meeting and training classes going on that I just been quite frankly too damn tired to blog but now that things are getting back to normal (somewhat) It's time to play a little catch up so today I am going to blog about my business trip.
Two weeks ago was our Annual Dealer meeting and I had to be away from home for a few days.
I got up early Sunday morning and Holly came by to pick me up and it was off to beautiful Carlsbad California to the La Costa Resort. I had to take one last picture of Ava before I left a few days. This is how I am usually greeted before I leave to work each day.
We got to the resort about 9:30 am. It took us only about a hour and a half to get there..not to shabby. We had some setting up to do before we checked into our rooms. When I got to my room I was SO excited about how nice it was. I had to ofcourse take a picture of my Awesome Marble Bath tub. Monday morning I took a nice long hot bubble bath..It was so nice cause I could completely lie down in the tub.
I had two beds in my room. They were so comfortable and the down comforters were hard to get out of in the mornings.

After Holly and I checked into our rooms it was straight to work. We were working the IT workshop room where we were supporting dealers with training on our warranty sites.
Holly and I fast at work at our table
After the IT workshop was closed it was over to cocktail hour and then dinner. We sat with some of our fellow co workers as well as some of our dealers. Why do I always end up with bunny ears!!!!!
They did a big show on the product launch for 2010 and had a lot of positive things to say
Jay Leno made a surprise return and did a comedy act. He cracks me up.
After dinner we were off the clock and went to hang out with our fellow co workers from the East coast and some of our dealers where we cut loose and had a couple drinks..let the party begin

More shenanigans

This was a funny story..we started spinning the bottle around the table and one of our co workers had to kiss this horse statue..funny stuff
It was going to be a busy day so off to bed and I was trying to figure out the schedule for the day and low and behold they had our itinerary featured on one of the channels on my tv..that was pretty cool

We were supplied with breakfast,lunch and dinner...after dinner it was back for more cocktails at the lounge. This is one of our long time dealers Bobby pictured with Holly..I like this picture
Some of the staff
and here is Holly and Tj with one of the dealers sons Max.
On Tuesday was check out day..I had to do a passenger Demo on one of our new was pretty fun. I was holding on to Josh for dear life. that was my first time ever riding as a passenger on a sport bike..I seriously was freaking out at one point...what a thrill!!

All in all it was a great dealer meeting..I am looking forward to next years...I wonder where it will be....We all voted for Hawaii..

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