Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Food Fun for Halloween

So since Halloween is on a Saturday this year and Parker found out his cousins were going to come over to trick o treat with him we decided to make a little party of it.
I bought all kinds of fun stuff for the kids to do. I am going to set up a big long table (from loan from the office here) and have a bunch of assorted items for the kids. I have these kits for each kid to make their own candy necklaces, Some pipe cleaner animal making kits, paints and a bunch of little pumpkins for them to paint faces on and I have some games such as Monster Bingo and Monster toss where you toss in little bags of candy into the monster mouth.

I am also going to have bobbing for apples set up outside for those who are not afraid of getting wet! I bought a bunch of prizes for the kids and treats to give them as well.

We are going Scary theme songs and have Halloween movies playing in the living room and I have a bunch of toddler toys for the babies to play with as well.

Anyway to ADD to the fun I am going to make a bunch of Spooky themed cocktails such as Black Cat Cosmos, Mummy mango margaritas,swamp zombie punch and others that I will have an assorted list set up behind our bar and make these special drinks on order.

I am also going to make a big steaming pot of meat and meatless chili along with a bunch of fun snacks..below are some of the items we will be serving

Deviled Eggs made to look like EYEBALLS
Mummy Hot Dog..mine will have spicy mustard eyes though
Candy /Carmel apples
Maybe these sliced Venus fly trap apples with peanut butter....
Quite possibly Spider Web Cupcakes
And my centerpiece will be a pumpkin but i my make antipasto skewers rather then fruit..or may not make one at all..
We will begin the festivities about 3 in the afternoon and once darkness falls all of us parents will take the little ones out trick o treating for a little bit while others that remain at the house continue the party and pass out candy to the kids. I got lots of cool items to pass out this year such as pop rocks,mini bags of candy corn,McDonald's coupons, stickers,Hershey bars and much much more. I just love Halloween. Everyone is welcome to join us!!

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tbahe said...

sounds like fun, let me know what i can do to help out!