Monday, October 5, 2009

Crab Dynamite..yes it is!!

Saturday was a pretty busy day for us...
Parker had a birthday party to go to at Chuck e Cheese for a classmate so Gabe and him were gone most of the day. Ava and I spent the whole day at home. I was primping for a very nice dinner that we had planned on for some time now.
I had to dye my hair so did that and did my nails and gave myself a facial and waxing and then just pretty much relaxed until Gabe and Parker got back home.
My mom came over to sit the kids for us at 6 and our dinner reservations were for 7:30.
Gabe and I got there a little early so me and him went to his restaurant for happy hour and ordered a champagne cocktail called Chanel which was really good and Gabe had a couple margaritas. We finally walked over to Roy's where the rest of our dinner party was already checked in at the bar.
We had a couple of Lychee Martini's then had a really great dinner. I always order the Salmon Crab Dynamite which BUMMER it was no longer on the menu..Luckily Gabe and I begged our waiter if possibly the Chef can make two which he did!!! We were so happy!
Gabe and I both mowed down our crab dynamites I have said it before and I will always say it again..when you want to go somewhere nice for dinner and have some incredible food GO TO ROY's at Fashion Island..this place is Killer!!!
It was a nice evening with friends and laughter.

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