Friday, October 2, 2009

ahh sweet Relaxation...

So I have lost my camera cord to upload photos and I still have not found it.
So far this week has been nice and relaxing. I been spending a lot of time pampering at home and hanging out with the kids. It has been a fairly busy week at work because we are prepping for our Big Annual Dealer meeting next weekend which I am looking forward to. Usually every year it is in a different state but this year we are holding it in California again at the fabulous La Costa Resort in Carlsbad Ca.

Holly and I are going to carpool up at 5am Sunday morning since we have to be there to start decorating our breakout rooms and help set up our stations in the IT Department afterwards then it's a social mixer with the dealers that include dinner and cocktails. I am really looking forward of having two quite nights of solid sleep in a big giant bed in a lux room.
Every year I always say I am gonna hit the spa too but I never have the time so I won't even say it this year either.

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Ally said...

Looks gorgeous! You guys are gonna have a blast!!