Monday, May 3, 2010

Mods Mayday 2010

Another Mods Mayday come and gone.
I remember my first Mods Mayday as a matter of fact I remember it like yesterday. It was 1999 at club Fais do do and it was packed solid. There was about 50 scooters all lined up outside, about 9 bands lined up for the event and 13 dj's. There must have been 500+ people there. The look was HARD MOD. Everyone was sharp and the dance floor was covered in baby powder for smoother dancing. Back then everyone knew everyone and we all considered ourselves as like a family. It was definitely a lifestyle that most claimed it was their LIFE..Mod 4 Life a lot would say.
Times have changed a lot though in the "SCENE". A lot of those familiar faces have moved on to other interests and "scenes". Some have moved to not only other cities but states and countries even. Some began families and grew out of the lifestyle and some just got bored of it.

Anyway this past Saturday was The Bullet's Mods Mayday event at the Hollywood studio Bar and Grill. I had a fun time mingling with friends, having drinks ( even though I am pretty sure they had next to No booze in them), watching some great bands and listening to some great tunes and I even had to dance a little
At the club the big buzz was ROGER from that old show What's happening was in the house..Ofcourse Vickie and I had to hunt him down and get a photo..what a cool guy he is..super nice
Michael and loryn..
I got to see Sherilyn whom I have not seen ..well since the Specials concert but before then quite a few months
we did a lot of hanging out in the patio
Some folks watching the band play
The New Fidelity ...they play a lot of great covers from Small Faces, The Kinks, The Jam, The who..Great stuff...I added like a 34 second clip of them finishing up a song on the bottom of this blog!
Toni and Loryn..Bisch and Michael in the background
Guillermo and Mary. They brought stuff from Lambretta works for a raffle giveaway. Free raffle tickets too! It was nice. It was so good to see Mary too...first time out since she had their 2nd child. He is 5 months old.
Gabe and Chris and Dean rode the lambrettas up to Hollywood from Long Beach. Gabe's broke down at Dean's shop so he rode Deans race bike.
You will always find GIGI on the dance floor.
Gabe and Jessie
The band again
Mikey wanted to take a group shot of us outside but I forgot to lift the flash up
Trying this again...Gals
Wait let's get the guys in the back on the fun
The dj's were great!
Time for the raffle! I won a full face helmet with Carlos Santana artwork. I however do not wear a size large. Rich G. won white wall scooter tires and asked if I wanted to trade. Chris really wanted the Helmet and last weekend at a rally he won a half helmet, so after some wheeling and dealing..I gave my full face helmet to Chris and Chris will give his half face helmet to Rich and we got Gabe some new white wall tires for his Lambretta..Everyone wins!
We didn't get to bed til about 4am that night...but it was so worth it!
Video of the New Fidelity that played


Thelma said...

looks like a great time!

Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

awww 1999! Brings back memories!