Monday, May 17, 2010

The Basement

Saturday Night we all went to the Long Beach Sound Society club in Long Beach that is held at the Basement Lounge. This is my friend Jesse's club and we were all there celebrating his wife Hilary's birthday. What a blast we had.
5 of us on Scooters all headed out
I was riding passenger on my husbands bike.
This place was so swank on the inside complete with Dim lighting, Plush couches, a well stocked bar and even a Korean taco stand on the inside! Jesse had a nice lay out of snacks on the table for all of us celebrating Hilliary's birthday.
Cool Target cake and cupcakes!
Towards the end of the night there were quite a bit of grazers at this table.
Holly and My hubby
Self portrait
Chris was cool hanging at the bar
We all took the sofa area over. Man were those some comfy couches!
Burns acting a fool
Not much for a outdoor area to lounge in
Unless lounging on stairwells tickles your fancy
The stateside saints played...they were really good. We were dancing to almost all their songs
This blog is not complete with out a picture of the Birthday Girl!
I will surely be coming to this club again!

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Thelma said...

The basement is cool. I really like it!