Thursday, May 13, 2010

Neighborhood Watch

Last night I attended my blocks first Neighborhood Watch meeting. I guess I have not been the only one concerned about the recent suspicious activities going on in the neighborhood. On Monday we received the flyer for the first meeting which was being held two doors down from us ( coincidentally at the neighbors house that lives directly next door from the new troublemaker neighbors)
Toni went with me over to the neighbors house for the meeting and to my surprise a lot of neighbors showed up and not only was it all the homeowners that attended this meeting but a lot of the apartment dwellers were there as well.
We got to meet our patrolling officer who watches over our street and got to hear every one's concerns for the neighborhood.

We were provided with a telephone number that we can report tenants for bad behaviors and the police will have a report up on that location and will notify the landlords.
We did get a lot of helpful information on staying safe which I will definitely use. We also got to see reports of the crimes in on area and they did let us know that we can keep up on the crimes by going to They also let us know if we go on vacation there is a number provided where we can make arrangements for a car to patrol our street and look over our houses free of charge. Some will even get out of the car to check your premises.

I am really glad I went to this meeting. We have one more then we get our neighborhood watch stickers for our windows and the officer even said once we complete our 2nd meeting we would be able to have block parties Free of Charge. It is pretty cool stuff!

This is something that should have been arranged a Long time ago!


Thelma said...

That's great. It takes the whole neighborhood to stand up and watch it.

Julia said...

Sounds like a good idea after the incident at the neighbor's house. And there is always the chace you get to know your neighbors better!