Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Allister's 101 Dalmation Party

Saturday we helped celebrate Allister's 3rd birthday!!
The party was a fun 101 Dalmatians came equipped with face painting and fun Dalmatian hats the kids could make.

I always always have to take pictures of the bday cake whenever we attend a party.
This sandwich was the biggest sandwich I have ever seen..and boy was it tasty!

The birthday girl and mama
The kids all had fun playing in the back.
Parker kid in town..
Ava was having fun chasing the ball that was being kicked back and forth
She finally found her own ball to play with..I think it was almost as big as her
Time to gather up and play some games
Singing Happy Birthday..Ava's Doritos's face cracks me up here
Ally had so much fun blowing out her candles she did it twice!!
Time for presents!!
She got lots of wonderful items! We just love bday parties.


Thelma said...

What a sweet party! Everyone looks so cute! And I love,love the picture of Parker. He looks cool!

Retro Mom said...

LOL Yeah Parker is starting to get into "STYLE" and choosing his own wardrobe now rather then me going out andshopping to pivk out his clothes he wants to pick out his own now. LOL he's growing up!!