Monday, May 10, 2010

Party In the Submarine

This Past Saturday we ventured out to Menifee to Brian and Brandee's sons Jack's first birthday. My GPS took us through the scenic route so we had quite a long journey out there.

The Theme was The Beatles Yellow Submarine. it was so fun. The dress code...Bright Colors!
Ava made a B Line to the balloons
she blended right in them
This cake was so was actually all cupcakes!
There were tons of pictures of Jack throughout his first year. The place was decorated cool with number ones floating from the ceiling along with brightly colored fish.
There was a lot of kids of all ages. Ava was really into playing with the backyard toys.
They played a game where the kids had to try and hit Brian in the face with wet sponges...he forgot to realize that some of the boys were baseball players. He did lots of flinching after that first plow to the face.
The music was all Beatles of course and there was Yellow Submarine posters hanging all over.
When we got to the party all the kids were given either a blow up groovy guitar or a blow up sax. Parker was collecting them all and putting them all over his body.
The coloring section was a great idea. Ian had fun coloring. * He is Holly's little nephew. *
He was born 2 weeks after Ava.
Time for CAKE! Jack was looking a little tired until that cake came out.
He needed a little help on learning what to do with the cake. He sure livened up when he had that first taste.
Holly wearing her nephews glasses.
Ava and Ian were quick friends. he was sharing goldfish crackers with her, and he found a pink balloon and gave it to her and was trying to hug her. However when he tried to hug her she bit him. I have GOT to get her out of this biting thing.
Time for presents!!! We bought jack a cute little kiddie pool that looks like a blow up crab and the hose screws into it's mouth and sprays water and it is covered and some pool toys. I figure it must get pretty hot in Menifee.
He was overly tired at this point so a break was needed for a little before opening more presents.
Great pictures of Jack...I love the Green apple touch
After jack's break he was in good spirits again
This is what you play at a Yellow Submarine party!
Ava in the sub
The Hubby's Brian, Gabe and Jesse
The weather was Great!
The Wives... Myself, Brandee and Hilary
We had a lot of fun ..Happy Birthday Jack-O!!


Thelma said...

what a fun theme!

Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

Menifee!Your out by my neck of the woods.. Did they have to move out there to afford a house, thats why were out here...LoL. It does get hot out there!

Retro Mom said...

HAHAHA yeah pretty much. The housing is much cheaper out there..I couln't live out there though..the housing was fair cost but seriously I seen houses like that price in lakewood.Also there is way to many flies out there!