Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A party on my mind

I have got to say there is nothing I love more then Hosting a party! It could be a Big party or a small get together with the gal pals!

I been dying to organize some sort of party for the summer. Now that I will have a backyard I cannot wait to have a few friends over for cocktails and food underneath the stars.

There is this FANTASTIC blog that I read Call Hostess with the Mostess. There is always wonderful helpful tidbits and every time I read it just makes me want to throw a party even more.
A few parties that I have in mind to have in the near future is a small cocktail party in the backyard once we are all settled in. We have a cool old vintage bar table and stool which right now is in our kitchen but we want to set it up in the patio area for entertaining guests. We will probably hang some swank decorations buy it. Maybe I will bust out the craps table and have a Vegas Rat Pack theme party....I would like to have something small for Ava too. Just with like the cousins and family over.
I would have really enjoyed having some sort of 4Th of July get together but I will be in Prime moving time at that point so we may just have to have a few fireworks for the kiddos and that's about it.
Speaking of hosting a get together..... What I really need to do is have a Girls Night together has been awhile since I had the gals over for Cocktails,music , snacks and a little dirty talk ..I think this is something I may need to plan for even the nearer future..Like maybe Friday or next week.
Hmm Let's see if I can make this happen!


Thelma said...

yeah we should get together real soon for a little soiree!

Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

Ive stolen a few of her Idea's for this ones baby shower =)

Retro Mom said...

There are soo many good ideas on her site. I love for a baby shower the little winnie the pooh book that all the guest can write in to leave a little message for the baby! if I ever had another baby shower (never gonna happen) I would totally do it!