Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A moment of Zen

Sunday Gabe and I and the kids met up with john and Kirsten and the kids and took a much talked about trip to CSULB to check out the Earl Burns Japanese Garden.

Gabe graduated from CSULB and always from the time I have met him told me about the garden and quite a few times we have went to go but it would be closed. Anyway FINALLY after all these years I got to see it.
it is smaller then I expected but it was very beautiful
Gabe and I actually considered getting married here but they had way too many rules.
Ofcourse we had to feed the Koi
Ava walked right into the pond at one point and got her shoes Soaked. Luckily she didn't fall in!
A lot of stimulation for small ones
Parker said the place was full of Peace.
By the little meditation room.
Ava and Johnny
It was really perfect weather too.
Ava just had to climb the rocky stairs....
lots of Zen Gardens
The Gals
The Guys
Ok nap time was amongst us and it was soon time to leave but first not without one last stop to feed the koi
AVA just would not pose for a Pix..she just wanted to run right back into the pond
This big white koi is a pig!

I just love ponds. This was a nice little short day trip to take the kids. I really think they enjoyed themselves.

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Thelma said...

I like this place. It's Long Beachs' hidden jewel.