Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Computer Crash

So it's been awhile since my computer at home has crashed. I received a bad virus that crashed my hard drive and last week or should I say the week before Gabe took it in to be repaired. Well I think finally I will have it back today. I just hope they saved all my pictures I had on it as we requested. I had a ton of photos of Ava's first few months and I would be devastated if they could not save them but they ensured us that they could. I guess I will see.....

Anyways it cost me 200.00 to have it fixed. Does that seem extreme? I mean I was quoted slightly more by other places but they said I would have it back the next day..I mean sheesh it has been 2 weeks already!!

I was getting the hang of not having a computer at home. It was kind of nice having good quality time to read and catch up on some netflix movies I been sitting on for awhile. I now feel the need to have my computer back for many reasons...

1. As I am getting ready to pack I have got loads of items to put on craigslist,ebay and recyclers.

2. I am a game addict on facebook and I am sick of bailing my petville character out of the pound, cleaning spoiled food from my cafe and getting my butt kicked on sorority life..not to mention needing to harvest my crops every Monday on my breaks.

3. I realllly need to check my email daily cause I keep missing out on important emails that cannot be checked for two days.

Well I thought I could be one of those people who didn't really need to depend so much on all this electronic technology. I always felt I could do without..but I guess not!


Ally said...

I hear ya! We need to get our internet connected again..I miss playing games :( I want to play the vinyard one!

Thelma said...

I know what you mean. It is nice to have a computer at home to check on movie times and general info.
I don't think you overpaid, but then again I really have no idea how much something like that costs?