Monday, May 3, 2010

Friday finally arrives

It has been pretty busy at work lately. I was desperately waiting for Friday to arrive.
This past Friday Holly and I met up with Toni at Hoff's Hut for Happy hour after work.

I really love Happy Hour at this joint. It has this old time feel to it..and not old time feel to it because usually when you go in there it is packed with a bunch of Senior citizens from the Condo's located by the restaurant but it also has this really cool horseshoe shaped bar and dim lighting, and cheap cheap drinks..Well drinks 2.75! The whole place gives off this old Vegas style vibe.
We were actually joking around with the bartendress how all they need is Slots or Keno.
We then joking to her about where is the bookie..and low and behold five minutes later a old gentleman by the name of MICKEY came up and said I'm the bookie I heard you were looking for one! I could not believe it.

This place is really awesome for people watching. The Bartendress told us all kinds show up there..Old Italian Mob guys,Irish Mafia, Bookies, Business millionaires , then this old guy walks in with a captains hat on and said See there is the captain.
It was a lot of laughs.
We had a few rounds there and we needed food as well...We had onion rings, nachos , and chicken strips for Appetizers.
We left home from Happy hour and Since I carpooled with Holly and we were at Hoff's her hubby was over my place hanging out drinking beers with my hubby. Holly came back over with a bottle of wine and we all hung out in the garage drinking and chatting and watching the kids play.
My cat is very found of Chris's Lambretta.
After a few hours drinking it was the typical sign of the party's over when you find Chris passed out in the chair. LOL
We sat around a fire pit we had going in the nice breezy cool air.
The fire was blazing too. Parker was toasting marshmallows but the wind kept making the smoke get in his eyes.
It was a nice evening around the fire. A perfect start to a fun filled busy weekend.

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Thelma said...

I wish I would of had the energy to go but I was sooooo pooped friday. Well at least Hoffs Hut isn't going anywhere!