Thursday, May 6, 2010

My kinda Place

Lately a big thing that has been on my mind has been the desire to hit up and old 1950's -1960's steak house. You know one of those run down looking ranch house style places and when you walk in walk into a time capsule.
My first choice is to check out thee ol steak corral in Whittier. I think it may be the last one left here in LA. I never been but I hear it is super cheesy with a bob's big boy type cowboy statue lassoing a big steak.

If I did not have the kids with me though I think I also would like to check out Steak N Stein. Seriously check out the bar inside!! Any place that has a cool old style bar like this has my interest.

I would not mind either checking out a Northwoods Inn. Can you believe I have never been to one of these classic Clearman's chain of restaurants. I think it is about time that I go!


Thelma said...

Man I'm hungry now! That place looks real cool like!

Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

I Love Northwoods! Their cheese bread is to die for!!! When I was little we used to go all the time! There's also Edwards steak house ( In Rosemead ) right off the 10 freeway. It's not a 50's kinda place but a older style steak house.