Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or treat!!

Last night was fun but where did the time go? We kinda had a late start trick o treating. I came home from work and was put straight to work cause my brothers twins were over and they are a handful! I had to get ava in her costume and Parker in his than the twins were already dressed up than we took them around the block while we waited for the others to come. When we got back from around the block Gabe's brother Steven and his wife and two kids showed up and Gabe's brother Andy and Davina and their two kids showed up. Than my dad showed up so we had a HOUSE FULL!! It was fun though. We had pizza's and drinks and then took the kids out trick o treating. Here are some pictures

Trick o treating Parker (storm trooper) Gavin (batman) James (iron man)

Ava waiting in her Bat costume..which she kept squirming out of!!

My dad passing out candy in the front yard scary kids Wearing my day of the dead mask
It was funny they kept coming up to him tapping him thinking he was a dummy.
He said I have human arms how can you think I am a dummy???

More trick o treating ( i swear I live in the best neighborhood for trick o treating
We get the best treats around here and it is extra spooky cause it is a historical district of Long Beach.

Once again another house Parker is actually wearing his storm trooper helmet. He ditched it pretty early in the evening cause he said it was too hot.

My mom holding Ava

The twins!! Logan playing with the pumpkins and Alexis in the background sitting with Grandma

The next morning..Parker's Loot from Last night
Usually it is much bigger but every year we have Halloween candy for the whole year cause we always get to much so we limited the trick o treating this year.

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