Friday, January 15, 2010


The night before last night the kids were tucked away in bed and I went to close up all the windows and let the cats in when a big WIFF of FUNK came billowing in through my front door...ok....1 My neighbor must be puffing the reefer or 2 there is now a SKUNK in the neighborhood?? Both have a very good chance of being true but I didn't see any smoke so option 2 is more likely.
Then last night I was asleep and Gabe came home and woke me and said our house got sprayed by a skunk and soon I found myself being overwhelmed by the skunk smell. It blew all the way in to my bedroom.
Gabe said he thinks the skunk sprayed in our driveway and our window was open so all the smell drifted in and stunk up the whole house. It was so bad I had to spray air freshener all in my bedroom just so I could sleep.

Man!! I swear there is wildlife all around me where I live, we see raccoons,squirrels,opossums,woodpeckers,herons,parrots,rodents...NOW SKUNKS!!!

Anyway this morning all the smell was gone and I had Gabe inspect all the cats before letting them in this morning.....I think if the skunk did spray my place would still be smelling I guess Pepe LePew was just strolling by.

They are soo cute...too bad they smell like HELL.


Thelma said...

WIFF OF FUNK! I remember we used to say that all the time! LOL!

John and Kirsten said...

Isn't it amazing how much they smell like their herbal relitive?