Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Top 5 ...Places to Eat

Ok Ok here is a new feature I am going to be adding to my blog called MY TOP 5.
I will do this every week. I am going to start off with My Top 5 Restaurants I love to visit. There are just SO many out there and hopefully people who come across my Top 5 will comment back with some Recommendations on things I should try. Most of the people who read this blog though are family and friends. I have a few that read privately as well so hopefully they will come out of the woodwork and make some suggestions. I love trying new things. I think depending on the sort of feedback I get on posting this on my regular family life blog I may start a new blog.

Now I am a huge fan of Retro places...Old ones and new ones made to look old. I know there are a TON out there that I don't even know about.

TOP 5 Restaurants

1. Park Ave.
I love this restaurant. It is not in the greatest of neighborhoods but I do have to admit I enjoy looking at the Old Motel signs on the drive up. Some of them are very Googie era. Park Ave is this Old Atomic Ranch house building. Back in the day (50's-60's) there were these coffee shops called Park Pantry's and this happens to be an old park Pantry restaurant. The Chef David Slay is very good in my opinion. The food is always so fresh and tasty. They have their own garden located in their little private park premises. Our favorite Wine Dinners. We have introduced their wine dinner events to lots of our friends who also enjoy good food and try new wines. We are hoping to go check out their one this month. This is definitely a diamond in the rough.

2.Dal Rae
If I could eat at this place Just Once a month..I would be in heaven!. Now if your into the CLASSICS this is the place to visit.
First of all in my opinion..when I know I am coming here I like to dress up. It is like a restaurant you would see in a old 50's or early 60's movie when the couple in the movie go out for a fancy dinner. When you pull in your greeted by the Big Neon Classic sign out front and Palms. A Valet comes up to open the door for you and you walk through the front doors seriously into another decade!
Before your table is ready you can have a martini in the bar area or walk up to the Piano bar and enjoy your cocktail.
The tables are white linens and big booths and dim lighting. The menu is very classic as well with items such as Steak Diane, Lobster Thermador (spelling?), Cherries Flambe amongst others. Another great touch TABLE SIDE SERVICE!

3. The Potholder
This is a place I really enjoy for Breakfast in the LBC. It's had it's bad moments but more good moments. It's just a cozy little nook with colorful walls and miscellaneous decorations throughout the joint. The food is really like eating at a home cooked meal and the menu has a ton of variety. It has a lot of room and is always crowded. The price is really inexpensive as well and I can feel comfortable rolling outta bed and throwing on a sweatshirt and a ragged pair of jeans with my makeup from the night before on and come in to eat. It's just the perfect cure for that hangover.

4. Coffee Cup Cafe
This is another hot spot for breakfast. As a matter of fact it is only open for breakfast and early lunch. There is always a HUGE line to get in. hen you walk in to write your name down on the seating list they have a little area where you can make yourself a cup of coffee while you wait. The food is Really good and once again makes you feel like your having a home made meal. On their walls they have a array of artworks from local artist up to look at and the prices if you are interested in purchasing it. I find that a lot in Long Beach at coffee shops too.

5. Captain Jacks
Ok well maybe I am partial to this cause my uncle is the Chef there but I love to dine here. It has been around for ever since the 60's. This restaurant has thee freshest seafood,great Prime Rib and steaks in town. It has high Zagat ratings. This restaurant has a very old nautical feel to it. It is very dim lighted and old fashioned. You will find a LOT of regulars there enjoying a drink at the bar and watching the live entertainment. This place is VERY expensive though.We go on very SPECIAL occasions.

Well this concludes my top restaurants..I have a few more that I could have easily added for Atmosphere purposes but maybe that will just be another post..My Top NEXT 5 .


Julia said...

I second Coffee Cup Cafe. And Potholder has redeemed itself, so I can now enjoy it again! Give us a call and we can bike over and meet you for a weekend breakfast one of these days...

Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

What about Bahooka!! =)

John and Kirsten said...

Potholder... the good ole days. We haven't tried Coffee Cup...how could you not hit potholder - tried and true. Whens the next wine dinner?