Monday, January 4, 2010

Cookies for Santa

Well I am back from my vacation. it's kinda strange to have no computer access for 11days! I regret to inform you all ..I didn't really miss it much..well besides missing my blogging of course.
Anyways Here are some photos I took during xmas vacation..

Christmas Eve Gabe had to work so Parker and I decorated cookies for Santa while we watched Home alone. Parker was pretty gung ho about decorating cookies..I told him he had to wear a Santa hat while making cookies
Here is one of the MANY cookies I decorated
Parker making a tree cookie
Parker did like 5 cookies
I did the rest..I guess decorating cookies was more work then fun for Parker
Ava woke up from a afternoon nap..she was our taste tester..she liked them alot
It was a pretty mellow yet festive evening. The cookies tasted great!

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