Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cherry on Top..I Love You

So during my vacation I had to make a couple of trips to my new favorite spot Cherry on Top to quench my sweet tooth.
Cherry on top is a Frozen Yogurt shop where you can customize your own frozen treat.
First when you walk in this very colorful establishment you grab your size cup then go over to the wall of assorted Yogurt flavors. I like to mix mine up. I usually get Raspberry, Plain and Cake Batter flavors, then you walk over to the toppings bar where you add the toppings to your liking. I usually like the mini gummi bears and Yogurt chips. They also have fresh fruit and other fun little toppings. Once your done fixing up your frozen yogurt they weigh it and then that's it.
I love it too cause it is Cheap Cheap Cheap!
I got a medium size cup with 4 different flavors and two toppings and let Parker make a small cup with his toppings and the total was only 8.50!!
That is like one medium cup at PinkBerry!
I am a big fan of Pink Berry but I have to say I think I like Cherry on Top more.
I think I may have to go Friday night and treat myself to a BIG FAT FROZEN YOGURT to take away my busy work week stresses!


Thelma said...

Man, I've been wanting to try this place! My co-worker recommended it. Cake!

Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

We'll have to meet in Old Towne Orange one day for lunch and Cherry On Top. There good but I do like Pinkberry beter. But ALL frozen Yogurt is yumO!!!