Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Birthday to Toni

Friday after work Holly and I carpooled to Don the Beachcombers to meet up with Toni for her birthday. Holly and I were there first and were starving so we ordered a cocktail and some appetizers. I had the coconut shrimp which was so tasty. Shortly everyone else started showing up.

Arnold with his sinister look
The guys! Mondo and Dean in front and Chris , Mark and Gabe in the back
Holly was trying to hide behind Gina for pictures
Toni with her Rum Barrel. They have a cabinet at Don's where you can rent a slot for your own tiki mug and anytime you go there they will serve your drinks in your mug. I am renting a lot there soon...just gotta pick out what mug I want to store.
Ally beating up Arnold
The lovely couple Toni and Scott!
It was a fun time. We didn't stay long only for a couple of drinks then we went home to the kids.
It was a great start to a busy busy weekend.

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