Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tornado on 17th Street Costa Mesa CA

Yesterday it was pretty wild watching the storm outside my office window. It was so cool that I opened up all the drapes. Our electricity went out for a little bit and we lost everything so we say in the lobby watching the storm. Then Holly says after looking at the weather report on her blackberry that we been issued a Tornado alert...I was thinking yeah right tornado..I been in many of storms and always hear that OOOO tornado alert and was not thinking much of it. So we continued to watch the storm and she said the alert was now saying 1:30 a tornado will hit in our area..seeing the weather conditions worsening I started thinking ...yeah it really looks like a tornado could be forming.
All of a sudden Thunder and Lightening started emerging in the skies and the rain and wind were moving in all different directions..then it grew louder and stronger and then we looked at the clock and noticed it was 1:08 and then it really was growling and the ceiling was trembling loudly and I was in the Hallway saying THIS IS IT!! THIS IS THE TORNADO!! and Holly was in the hallway too but we were watching outside. In the hallway all the lighting fixtures were bouncing all over the place and it really looked like and earthquake. Then we headed for the lobby and the rain was gone,the wind was gone and it was QUIET. We unlocked the front door and made our way outside to take a look and what a sight it was.......

Our neighbors were all outside a little shaken up and the neighbors across the street lost their whole ROOF!! There were trees,roof,and wood all over the road blown to BITS!
There was windows blown out...people were in that building. I talk to one lady who worked there and she said the boss had given them the ok to go home cause of the tornado alert but it was too late...luckily no one was hurt.
Cars that were parked outside got destroyed by flying debris
This is just more destruction on the other side of the building.
Shortly after the tornado we had the fire department and police show up..I am sure the people in the building that got all tore up must have called 911.
These two cars got it bad..big dents and scratches and broken tail lights
Our street...luckily it got cleaned up before I had to leave from work.
The tree that overhangs from our neighbors property finally gave in...right on one of our students that is here for trainings rental car...luckily he was covered
This is Holly's everyday parking spot..some reason she didn't park there yesterday...good choice!
All the news came by and were taking statements from eye witnesses...they interview Holly and I. We were both like OH MAN..we look so messed up today to be on TV
When I got home I put on the news...Here is a photo of the tornado in Costa Mesa
Holly on TV!!!!
Me on TV!! My hair was so frizzy and windblown...Tornado Hair! Plus the camera really does add 10 lbs!!! I am not that bloated looking..well at least I think!
Anyway it was a interesting day to say the they are talking bigger storm today or tomorrow..yipes....I just hope I don't have to drive through it.


Thelma said...

OMG crazy you guys on are on TV!!!!

Ally said...

Yeah, you definitely don't look like that in really or Holly.
Sean went by where you work yesterday to check on his Mom's trailer (she lives on Whittier) and he was there about 9pm and said there was still a bunch of guys working on cleaning up the disaster by your office. Craziness!!! Hope that's it for the tornadoes out here...