Monday, January 11, 2010

Apartment Visiting

Friday we started our weekend out pretty good.
We went to hang out at Julia and Sean's apartment. Sean recently moved in with Julia and they been talking about having us over to check out the joint and have some wine so we finally got a chance to do it.

It is a pretty cool little vintage apartment.
We were pleasantly surprised by the lay out Julia had for us when we came in.
The bean dip was Yummy, The marinated Mozzarella and homemade marinated peppers on crackers were scrumcious and the homemade cookies delish!!
Eeverything was great!!! Julia You are the Hostess with the mostess!!!
The wines were awesome as well of course.
Julia and Sean
Holly and Chris came and joined as well. Holly would not let me take her picture.
After chatting and having wine and snacks we were watching funny SNL on TV and listening to music and watching You tube Music Videos. It was pretty entertaining...I just wish I would have gotten some of the singing and dancing later in the evening.
I don't know what time we even left and luckily we only live a few blocks away and Julia sent us home with a jar of her homemade peppers. Now just to pick up some cheese and crackers and I am good to go.
We had a great time with great people. I can't wait to get together again.

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Julia said...

Thanks Iris! We had a great time having everyone over. Nothing better than food, wine and friends on a Friday night. Glad you enjoyed the peppers.