Monday, January 11, 2010

Making USE

Saturday we made use of our Disney Passports and went to Disneyland.
We decided to take the kids to Toon Town since we rarely visit it when We come to Disneyland.
We took Ava to the little toddler playground area and she had fun running around. she wanted to go up the slide but coming down she was a little iffy about it.
She kept loosing her shoe too.
We then headed over to Donald's Tug Boat..She liked the wheel
Parker had fun in the Chip and Dale tree House
Ava is at the stage now where she does not want to sit still for this time around at Disneyland she was SO excited and wanted to go everywhere. We attempted a photo but failed.
At least I got this one of Parker
We went in Mickey Mouse House and Ava went CRAZY!! Here she is trying to turn off the TV like she does at home.
Out of ALL the places for a Photo Op and Parker wants his sitting in the bucket.
Balloons!!! She was trying to grab one to carry..umm these ones don't move
She still clapped in excitement of Balloons in her presence.
We got to see Mickey..well except Gabe since his Eyes are shut in the photo...
We then Met up with Josh and Vickie and Headed for Cal Adventure for a bit.
After a glass of wine and a beer and going on Soaring and walking around we then headed back to Disneyland and realized we were all hungry so we got a corn Dog..Evie Seem to like it.
We then went to the Enchanted Tiki Room. The Babies LOVED IT!!. It was so funny watching Evie dance the whole time. Ava did a little dancing as well.
We headed over to It's a Small world and the Xmas Lights were still up on it. We wanted to take the girls on it but Ava fell asleep and Parker was ready to go home so we watched the firework show then headed home.
I think we may go back in a couple weeks and take more advantage of the Disneyland Passport...we always have such a great time there!.

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