Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Now it feels like Christmas

We have had our tree since Sunday and just last night we decorated it cause Parker could not accept for the tree to be un decorated for one more day. Gabe works nights so unfortunately he did not get to decorate with us but he did do his contribution earlier in the day by setting up the train track in the tree and putting on the lights.

We put on Bing Crosby White Christmas album on and I let Parker get started after I put on the popcorn garland we made last year. (Yeah I saved you know how much of a pain in the butt stringing up popcorn for a tree is!! )
Had to see the tree with the lights off
Ava woke up from a late nap and came running in at the tree she was excited
Putting on her little apple ornament. We were trying to get her to put up the little gold birds but she would take them off the tree and put them back in the box.
Toni came over and helped us a little with some decorating.
Ava loved the bead garland.
I think we finally finished up so it was time for the star to go up (which..I need a new tree topper) I let Parker put it up.
Toni had to help him so he would not fall in the tree.
Now it feels like Christmas..Now to start wrapping presents....ughhhh

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Thelma said...

Aww look at Ava she looks so sweet with that little one-zee! And her pretty wavy hair!