Monday, December 7, 2009

Wine and Paring Soire

Usually every year someone in our circle of friends host a small quaint gathering at their place before the holidays. Well this year I asked around and nobody was doing anything so I decided this year we will have something at our little apartment.

We did a Wine Paring party. The object of the party was for everyone to bring their favorite bottle of wine and a small appetizer that would pair well with their wine. I printed out all these wine scoring sheets for everyone to write up the different wines they have and they can write notes.

(*a special shout out to my folks for letting the kids stay the night at their place while we had the party)

I started everyone as they came through the door a sparkling white wine with a touch of wild hibiscus syrup in the stem with a flower in the bubbly that they can eat afterwards. The consensus says that the hibiscus flower tasted like a fruit roll up. I also had a hydration fountain going which I had to refill like 3 times. The fountain was filled with sparkling San Pellgrino with slices of lemon floating in the bowl..great for cleansing the pallet in between wines.
This picture is a little brighter..we were trying to get photos of the sparkling with the flower in the glass cause they came out so pretty..these photos do no justice.
Ally says Cheers to the beginning of the night
Chris and Holly towards the very beginning of the night before the house became very full!
We had 24 people attended. Not too shabby. Inside the house we had all the food and drinks laid out for everyone.
Ofcourse the popular section of the house was the counter were all the wines were. This is just what we started the night with.
Everyone brought some good viddles!

Holly brought bacon wrapped shrimp, Ally brought stuffed mushrooms, Gabe made Italian sausages and pizza rolls, Adrian brought over a kick ass Opera Cake, Sean and Julia brought an assortment of cheese, meats, nuts and olives and everyone brought over more great items such as crackers, pate, brownies,chocolates and much more... This is just one picture of the small end table.
Adrian and Holly.
My uncle hanging with some peeps in the kitchen
I have No Clue where these pictures came from...Just random photos
after a while my living room became the dance floor and people were dancing and having a good time
Sluggo being a wine snob
Jesse just looking like a Wino HAHAHHA
While some people were inside in the warmth and dancing and mingling others choose to sit outside by the fire we had going to sip on their is the outside crowd. Which consisted of from left to right DC, Beth, Kirsten, Jesse, Dave, Vickie, Sluggo, Josh and Chris....There was more people standing off to the side and behind me.
The fire was really warm. It was very cozy. After people called cabs home and walked home and some got carried home the few remaining people and Gabe and myself all headed over to second street for a late night snack at the Shorehouse Cafe where I had to order the Deep Friend Artichoke hearts. Anyway what a blast..I did suffer a slight hangover on Sunday but I had worse.
The next day for cleanup this is what we discovered to be all the bottles we had that night...WOWZERS.Happy Holidays and thanks to all that came I hope you had a good time!

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