Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Box Car

If I had a room full of plain ol cardboard boxes ..I probably would not see Parker for a few days.
Yesterday I brought home a staples box from work cause it has just been lying around my desk and I was sick of tripping over it and figured I could probably use it to store xmas gifts or ornaments or something.
Anyway Parker begged and pleaded to let him have it and after about the 25th time of begging I said OK.
Well Ava went to bed pretty early (7pm slept pretty much the whole night minus the bottle feeding at 4am) and I was in the kitchen making potato pancakes and when I was done cooking and doing the dishes Parker was running around the living room in his box that he was working hard on.
I sat down and he shared with me Look Mommy at my you like it??
This is the front of the car...

If you click on the picture you can better see the details..this is what he explained to me
The AZ is the Car Name, The left headlight has a crack in it cause it's a old car, The little blue symbol thing on the headlight and vent is the vehicle maker
This is the back of his car..He has one broken tail light..he wanted to add a spoiler to his car too
I love his license plate LOL!!!
He has slots to put his arms through..
I think I am going to be bringing boxes home from now on for him cause he was having so much fun making his creation..he probably has a million ideas will be interesting to see what he makes out of these boxes I bring it keeps him off the darn video games!


Thelma said...

Parker is so creative. Great idea!

Ally said...

Crazy kid! He's like a cat...tons of toys but he wants to play with boxes, lol.

It does show a lot of ingenuity, though! I see him being some sort of engineer when he grows up.