Monday, December 14, 2009

X-mas Dinner with PGA

This past Friday was our Company Xmas dinner and for dinner we all went to Roy's Hawaiian Fusion in Fashion Island. We got there a little early and hung out in the bar where we ordered the 1988 Martini's. They are the best but I don't think they have much booze in them. This was the 2nd round I believe.
Holly and I as were were being seated
Sean gave everyone a gift. It was these funny books. We were all cracking up at the table. Gabe has been using Italian without words all weekend..
I took this picture of the group..Looks like i didn't get Gabe in the photo..awww
My dinner was good!
It was a great time! Erik took pictures too..can't wait to see them!


Julia said...

I distinctly see Gabe's left eye at the edge of the picture.

I had a lot of fun meeting the rest of Sean's coworkers.

Iris said...

LOL!! was a pretty good time!