Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I can't believe I did it~

So I did black Friday shopping again this year. However instead of waking up at 4am to head over to meet my brother at Toys R us we all left at 11pm from my house Thanksgiving day!
I drove myself,my brother and his girlfriend to cerritos and Ally came and met up with us in line.
They opened up at midnight this year. When we got there there was SO MANY damn people in line I could not believe my eyes even the local news was there.
I was freezing my butt off about after 45 minutes standing in line..my feet were completely numb!
Jessica, This is when we first got by the front door
LET US IN WERE COLD!!!!!! hahahaha my brothers face cracks me up in this photo
Finally we get in
WE IN!! Now everyone spread out and grab what you need.
I got a bunch of toys for only 88.00! I was limiting my spending cause I was not getting paid til Monday..which I totally could have spent more cause we ended up getting paid early..I didn't know I had all that money in my bank account. I did a lot of shopping so far..just a couple more people to buy for and I am DONE!!!
I got lucky and bought Ava the LAST soft cuddly pink rocking horse and it's mouth moves as it sings and Neigh's. She is going to love it..I also lucked out and got her the last BABY Disney Princess doll probably in the whole store for 8.00!!! I bought the twins some fun stuff and Kelsey and baby Johnny too. All of Gabe's niece's and nephews were going to make it easy and probably buy them all toys r us gift cards. They are all into different things so maybe I will let them pick out their own things..were still debating though.


Thelma said...

You are crazy getting up so early! But it's worth it!

Ally said...

I love how were were tipsy still when we first got there and then were feeling out hangovers after getting in the store! Hahaha...

You guys really do look like you're waiting in a Russian bread line..LOL