Friday, December 11, 2009

A is for APPLE and AVA

So Ava has been teething pretty bad lately getting her back teeth and she really is getting into biting mode. Well the other day she went to the fruit bowl and grabbed a apple and was eating it like a big girl! I now how been giving her apples to chew on when her teeth start hurting's been working out nicely.

After she grabbed the apple she just bit right into it
She spit out most of the peelings
I was surprised how much of it she ate
Then she thought she would play with it a little
I am so glad she was not wearing a shirt when she was eating that apple cause the juice was EVERYWHERE
Of course once she was done with the apple it was straight to the bath..I wonder what she would think of a peach??

1 comment:

Marce said...

How gorgeous! I remember when my brother first started eating fruits, OMG! My mum went crazy! =)deh