Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A hunting we will go...

for a Christmas tree that is! On Sunday we decided to do a little tree shopping. We took the kids to Snowy pines which is where they do the pumpkin patch and went to pick out a tree and let the kids run around but Ava was fast asleep so we drove to another tree lot. This one had no Isles..you had to basically walk in the pile of trees to find one you like.. I liked this tree alot...until I found out it was 80.00!!!!!
Parker was having way to much fun running through all the trees

Caught in the act
Ava was fast asleep..when we realized that the cheapest tree at the tree lot was 50. bucks for a 4 foot tree we decided to go to good old faithful where I can buy a 6 foot tree for 40 bucks..
So off to Home depot we go..Ava woke up just in time to play with the trees in their tree lot
This is the tree we decided to buy..It was just right!
Ava could not stay still
She wanted to get lost in some trees too..she was screaming and laughing and flapping her hands around
She kept trying to get deeper in the trees

Anyway we haven't decorated it yet..Soon. It smells so good in our apartment. Ava like to back into the tree when she has no shirt on and feel the prickly branches hit her back then she runs away fast laughing then walks backwards into the tree again over and over..it's pretty funny!

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Ally said...

What a silly little girl. The coat looks great on her!!!