Monday, December 14, 2009

Gingerbread House Party

So Sunday we went over to John and Kirsten's place for a Gingerbread house making Party.

Kirsten had the table all laid out with Naked Gingerbread houses and a Gingerbread tree and had all kinds of dishes with assorted candies. She also had a wonderful lay out of snacks for the guests and some wine of course! I brought over some gingerbread men also for the kids and adults to decorate.

Here is the nice lay out before the decorating began.

All the little kids played for awhile first is one half of the twins..I didn't get any pix of Lexi

Time for decorating..Everyone wore xmas hats..Kirsten got left with the bah humbug hat

Parker had a plan how to decorate his house

Jessica was making a house for the twins since they are still too young to make one on their own.

I could not resist the craving for some gingerbread so I quickly decorated a man and ate him right after...he was a tasty morsel. bwahahahahaa

Kelsy was anxious to eat a gingerbread man too..she could not even wait to decorate it first.

Tara's house was coming along nicely

Finishing up

Little Jess took on the xmas tree..that was a hard one to decorate

Parker's finished house

He then rewarded himself with a sweet treat

Even later into the evening after everyone had went home my kids and John and Kirsten's kids (The Cousins) still were on their sugar what better way to use it all up then by jumping on the couch.

The babies were having a blast too.. within 5 minutes into the car ride home both kids were out for the count. we had a GREAT TIME!!!

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Thelma said...

Great idea to lay everything out so the kids can just choose what they want to put on the gingerbread house. We're gonna make ours this Saturday.