Monday, December 21, 2009

A Henry Christmas

Saturday was the what is now been named the California Christmas for the Henry family. We went to celebrate Xmas with my uncle and Kirsten and Kelsey and John Jr since they go to Boston every year for Xmas. Kirsten made a nice dinner for everyone and had lots of wine and holiday treats.

The kids played outside until dusk. Pictured here is Taylor (neighbor girl) John Jr. Parker and Kelsey.

I tried to get this shot again with Ava in it but all she wanted to do was play with the big blow up snowman,penguin and Santa in the yard.

Ahh now that's a nice pillow

Kelsey was having fun rubbing her head in the snowman and the static was making her hair stand up.

It was getting Dusk and my uncle wanted to give me my gift from them before it got dark..I had no idea what to expect..they all of a sudden were telling me to close my eyes. This is the picture Gabe took of me to see my face expression.

My uncle bought me a Vintage bike and restored it. These pictures do it no justice..It is so awesome!. The cool vintage headlight and the little tank on it has a electric horn. It is so unbelievably awesome!..Time to take it for a spin...

I love the back rack on it and the mud flap too!! I totally feel like Pee Wee now. I told everyone I am going to be just like him when it comes to the bike..Good Morning...I'm Hereeeeeeee.

Then it was time to come in and eat and open presents

Parker got some good gifts..he got a keyboard,a magic set, magic crystals and a spy set.

John and Kirsten got Gabe a GPS!! I can't wait to use it. Ever since I took my company truck out to pick up and scooter for them and used the GPS inside of it Gabe and I been both talking about how great it would be to own one..Now He does!

All the kids were having a field day opening gifts. Ava got some good stuff too..she got a baby doll, a cute outfits and a Fisher price Play Set that she just loves!

After all the present opening it was time for everyone to just relax..The kids played with their new items..Logan however still could not get enough with playing with the ornaments on the tree.

My brother thought it would be fun to dive in the piles of wrappers

Kirsten had a wonderful tray of treats.

Parker doing some magic tricks with his new kit

Alexis got hold of one of the mini chocolate cupcakes

Logan was fine with his milk

Chocolate Overload!!!!!!!!!!!

Ava was content with just playing with toys

Gabe was not feeling to well all week and he was really tired so it was time to leave the aftermath!!....Good night everyone...Happy Holidays!!


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OMG! What an awesome bike! We got to go bike riding!

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