Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2009 I bid you Adieu...

Well after today I will be on vacation for 11 glorious days. I haven't taken a long vacation since maternity leave! The only downfall is I will have no computer so this will be my last blog until January 4th.
For my vacation I am really gonna tidy up around the house and throw out a ton of junk. We are getting a new couch ( well it's really a new used couch from Sean since he is moving in with his Girlfriend). That will make a big difference in my household...I can't remember the last time I got a new couch...I think Parker was 2! I would really also like to move Ava in Parker's room..i don't see that happening just yet though...
Christmas should be fun. I am having the family over as usual. We are making a roast for dinner and I am going to attempt making Tamales tomorrow while Gabe most likely finishes up his last minute shopping just as every year.
We normally celebrate Christmas Eve with Gabe's family but this year he has to work so we will be missing it.
New Years Eve Gabe has to work as well. I don't typically like to go out on New Years Eve but this year the kids and I are going to my uncles and Kirsten for a fun theme Pajama Party and Game night New Years Eve. I have some pretty fun board games to bring..maybe we can also rock out some Beatles rockband!
My new years resolution this year is to LOSE WEIGHT! I should stop smoking too..even though I really only smoke when I drink..and when people at work take smoke breaks I join them. I also want to be more girly and glamorous..I am talking wearing more dresses and heels on a regular occasion. I miss the old flare of the 50's when women were really proper with their looks. I am gonna try and bring it back! It will be hard to do considering kids,and that I work for a Motorcycle company. My next goal is to get some more scrapbooking done! Kirsten and I talked about this last Saturday..we just need to do it. It looks like between the Gym and Scrapbooking nights I am going to have a busy 2010!
Happy holidays everyone!
Have a Safe New Years!

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