Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Agrusa's Baby Shower

I spent all of yesterday at the Agrusa household. Holly M. and I went a little early to help decorate. I made the table centerpieces for the shower with the help of Holly M and I got a lot of compliments. They had an Italian theme Shower and I have to say it was probably the funnest shower I ever been too. There was a lots of food, Lots of fun peeps, a great little bar area complete with a keg. (One thing they did which I thought was awesome is by the bar area they posted signs with different recipes for cocktails you can make with the booze they had..I enjoyed a few Galli Berries) Anyway I took a TON of photos...

We started off with a few games..on each of the tables were cups of playdough and everyone was to mold a baby. There was another game where there was a few questions about Eric and Holly A. and whom ever knew the most answers would when a prize. Here is Holly M. Baby
Here is Loryn's baby That she created as well....
Brain and Melissa
There was quite a few scooters that welcomed everyone in
This is Eric mingling
Now to name the winners of the playdough baby
I won the Diaper Raffle..that is two in a row.. last shower I won too
Pat won the Questionnaire about Eric and Holly Of course
Time for the Beer drinking contest through the baby bottle
These guys are up to no good
Everyone seemed to move into the house but a few stayed out to enjoy the sun Parker enjoying cake
Time for presents
Giselle and ColetteI wonder what her first ride will be?
The babies on display
Here are the other babies on display
Some close ups ..At the end of the day Parker got to smash them all
Ava was having fun crawling around
Michael Burns with Ava..this is scary
Mama to be Holly and her sister Lorie
Holly M and Chris and Gabe and I were the last to leave..we had lots of food sent home with us
This was one heck of a party..I can't wait to meet little Sofia in August!


John and Kirsten said...

Looks like it was a fun shower. Some cool original ideas! I like the play dough babies!!

Holly said...

You guys made the shower soooo special, thanks again for all of your hard work! I think everyone had a LOT of fun. :-p