Sunday, June 21, 2009

Life's a Beach for Dad's Today..

For Father's day we started off by making a big Pancake Father's day breakfast with my brother and parents. After our breakfast we headed out to the Tide pools in San Pedro.

This is Pulling in to the beach and picnic area
There is a lot of stray cats that run wild out there and there was all kinds of little habitats set around for the cats to go for shelter as well as food and water.
Here is another cat was pretty cute some of them had hay inside for extra comfort
We hiked down the road a bit until we came across a less crowded Tide Pool..the first one we walked past was FULL of was sad to cause we saw people walking away with starfish in their hands I don't know why they can't just leave them alone
My Dad, my brother Alex and Gabe and Parker and Myself all went to go explore the tide pools to see what we could find..we saw TONS of crabs and hermit crabs, sea anemone,starfish,little fish,and other strange creatures.
Here is a closer shot at one of the MANY starfish we came across..we seen them in all colors and sizes. Parker was even petting them. He was really excited to to find a few LIVE sand dollars.
There was a lot of close calls of getting splashed with some big waves
This shot is funny of me and my brother watching our foot work and keeping out balance on the jagged rocks.
Here is another starfish we found that was not in a pool of water but he was wet enough.
My brother posing by a small tide with a really cool red starfish..but I didn't get it in the picture. It was so sunny it was kinda hard to see what I was taking a picture of.
Gabe took this photo of me and my brother in the background. He said this is my album cover.
It was pretty windy and my hair was blowing all over the place!
The waves started coming in pretty quick so we said time to leave the tide pools. Everyone was helping Parker out climbing on the rocks. He was a little scared here and there but he did pretty well.
We got back to camp where my mom sat with Ava and watched the ocean and small tides by them. Ava was waving and excited to see us coming back.
We sat and had a quick beer and then loaded up and headed to the Palms area where it has these old ruins and furnaces. Ava Loves being in the back pack hiking.
My brother JUST HAD to climb up all these dirt trails they had throughout the Palms picnic area.
Of course where ever Alex goes Parker has to follow. I was so scared and was yelling at my brother MAKE SURE HE DOESN'T FALL!!!
Than this is the pose I get for the next photo..Them sliding down the mountain
We found a trail that would be easy I think for us to go on..However it got really steep and thin so we turned back..well except for my dad and brother who said at one point a helicopter flew by and it was at level to them and it almost blew them off the cliff...I guess they slid down the end of the trail to the ground. Safely
Once they got back they sat out on the rocks and skipped and chucked stones into the waves...I thought this was a great Fathers and Sons dad and my brother and Gabe and Parker
The waves were splashing in and Parker was getting rocks to try and build a shield. As my dad and brother and Gabe skipped stones. Mt dad found a cool "rock Chair" to lounge in
Me in the rock chair that my dad had found. It was quite nice listening to the ocean and watching the waves I made a funny video Of the guys skipping stones and Parker running away from what he thought was going to be a big crashing wave. We finally ended the day by driving over to long beach for a BIG PIZZA Feast at the Pizza Place and Garden Cafe. It was really nice.
I was sitting on a rock in the back filming these guys and I swear I felt like I needed a Corona.

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