Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lake Cachuma Family Vacation-Day Two

I had maybe 4 hours of sleep in total on and off in the tent. I think we were on a slope cause the whole night the kids and Gabe were rolling on my side. It was not too cool which was good. It was fairly easy waking up in the morning. I got up and washed up and dressed than it was Ally and I on breakfast duty for everyone. I made up french toast while Ally cooked up some sausage,Bacon and Hash.
We had a boat reserved for the whole day so we all took turns going out and using. While we were relaxing after breakfast we noticed a blue Jay that kept coming to steal some sunflower seeds we had and then all the squirrels were coming over to get some scraps.

I went ahead and threw some seeds out for the squirrels. They came out and started hanging around us for the rest of the morning.
Mr. Blue Jay was so friendly that we could put the sunflower seeds in our palm and he would come over and perch on our hands and eat the seeds right out of it. We were having Kelsey and Parker hand feed the Blue Jay as well. Here is a shot of him landing on Parkers hand. He was afraid at first as you can see on his face.
Parker liked the bird so much he now wants a pet blue jay. He wanted that one but you know...

Here is a cute shot of Kelsey and Parker waiting for the blue Jay to come back for more seeds.
John,Kirsten,Tara, Kelsey and John Jr. Left to take the boat out for a spin and me and Gabe and ally and my kids and My brother and his friend just hung out. We all started feeding the wildlife and we were getting animals coming out from everywhere. The squirrels were cracking us up. They look like Meerkats. They had one the would make a LOUD chirp noise and the others would scatter. We noticed Hawks flying overhead so I guess this was their way of taking cover from their prey.
I took so many pictures of Parker feeding the bird.
Once John and Kirsten and Tara came back Me and Ally,Parker and Gabe went to take the boat out. First we loaded the cooler with some beer than off to the boat. We all had to wear life vest in the marina. Once we got out we could take off the vests.
Once we hit open water it was Vests off and beer on. It was such a NICE day.
Gabe was our Captain
A good view
Once we got back then it was fishing time. All the guys and the bigger kids (parker and Kelsey) went out on the boat to go fish while us ladies hug out drinking beers under the shade. It was really hot so I put on Ava's bathing suit and let her play in her little blow up pool I brought with me. I took SO many pool pictures..I may need to do a whole scrapbook of it.

She loves her pool She played in it for about 40 minutes
Gabe gave me a call and said they had the boat right by where we were camped out so we walked over to the view of the lake and there they were.
A close up. I guess after we walked away my uncle caught a trout. Scott caught a bass that he cooked up later and gave everyone a taste It was really good. Parker did not catch anything on the boat but later that night my brother,scott and gabe and parker all went to fish off the ground and Parker caught a trout. He threw it back in ofcourse.
Once everyone was back we had some hot dogs and hamburgers that Kirsten cooked up and then it was time for the Scavenger hunt that Tara made up for everyone. She had made us all a list and set us up in teams of two to have one hour to find everything on the list. My uncle was teamed up with Scott,My brother and Ally, Kirsten and Gabe and Kelsey and Me and Parker. Tara had a bunch of prizes that were hidden in the prize tent and everyone was given a LEI to wear. We had to take pictures of certain items and collect things as well such as a clover,drift wood a bug, 3 different type of leaves and take pictures in front of an RV and take a picture with a new friend upon many many other things. Here is Me and Parkers picture in front of an RV
Then here is one of a friend that we made. We came in third place because well one of the items was to find a Caterpillar which was impossible to find! John and Scott got first and Gabe Kirsten and Kelsey got second.
It was night time soon so we started up the fire and hung out all night. We made more smores,cracked cheesy jokes and talked amongst each other.
The kids fell asleep pretty quickly that night. After drinking beers all day we were all getting tired as well. It was a pretty warm night.
We even had a little weenie roast which was pretty good. I forgot how much fun it was to roast wieners.
Kirsten,John and Tara went to bed so Me and Ally,Gabe,Alex and Scott stayed up and drank beers and played drinking games around the fire til like 1am. We finally turned in and it was a much better night. Ava slept through the whole night. We were nice and toasty.
The next day I woke up about 8am and walked with Parker over to take a shower. I came back and Kirsten and I cooked up some breakfast burritos for everyone while the guys packed up the tents and started loading the cars. We sat around little bit and then it was on the road back to the city. We had a really great time and we are looking forward to more camping in the future.


Ally said...

DAMN! I am SO putting that last picture on my refrigerator...just as a reminder before I have another scoop of ice cream...lol.

It was the best time though! I can't wait to go again at the end of the summer!!

Iris said...

You got to post up your pictures on your blog too!!

Ally said...

I just did...check 'em out!!

Ally said...

Ahahahah...I just remembered what I was actually doing in that last picture...SO glad it didn't really come out on the picture. Damn booze!