Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My new Obsession..

I have been obsessed with dolls lately..especially Barbie's. I think my barbie obsession started when I was shopping at Big Lots for some Paper Plates or something like that and I happen to be by the toy aisle and noticed the Barbie that was the lady from the Birds (Alfred Hitchcock Movie) and it was like 15.00 So I bought it cause well you know the birds being like a cult classic I just wanted it. Low and behold I didn't realize it was a collectors item. I than found myself going from time to time to big lots and finding other collectible barbies and they are like 12 bucks a piece..I told myself well I will start collecting them for Ava..Anyway now I am finding myself buying them on eBay and other barbie collector sites..There are just so many awesome barbies out there.. My sister in law collects the Silkstones..I love them too but man..they are expensive..I will have a pretty humble collection. I just bought a bunch of naked re pro vintage barbies and I am going to go on Etsy and buy custom outfits for them and accessories..that's gonna be fun...Here are the few barbies that I do have..all of them in boxes except for That Girl and Audrey.

I just won her on ebay Yesterday..I can't wait to get her.

I love this one..her purse is so cool and her outfit!

This one I got as a birthday gift from my dad I think many years ago..when it only cost like 20 bucks..now it can go for over 100.00

I got Audrey as a gift too..I took her out and played with her though so she is not in the most pristine shape ((yeah I said it I played with her at the age of 20 something))

I bought her for AVA's Collection if she takes interest in having barbies..this one will be taken out of the box too one day..

I bought this Groovy gal over the weekend at the Flea market in her box for 15.00...the seller wanted 25.00 but gave her to me for 15.00...SCORE
Now to figure out how to display them...I want to take them all out and play with them!!!

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