Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer Vacation~

This is Parker's last week of school than it is time for Summer vacation. I can not begin to tell you how much I enjoyed summer vacation as a kid. Sleeping in, No school Work, Going to the beach and playing with friends...what a blast.

Usually every year we sign up Parker for summer school cause well let's face it with Both of Gabe and I working it saved us child care costs and it kept Parker up on his school work. This year since Gabe works nights now that Ava is born we are going to let Parker be home for Summer vacation.

I just got the schedule to put him in Swim lessons and Gabe and the baby lessons as well at the Belmont Olympic pool. It works out great cause the classes are like 15 minutes apart from starting so they will all be doing lessons together. I am also considering a karate class for him too and Putting Ava in Gymboree. These are more fun activities that Gabe can do with the kids. I know Basketball will be played alot too since we have the new Hoop.

I also have a list of special activities Parker can do at home I book marked in my Parents and Parenting and Family Circle magazine subscription.

We have a lot of stuff planned to for this summer such as a family camping trip at the lake with boating and fishing and hiking all on the agenda,bonfire beach day,water park day, a trip to San Diego Wild Animal park, Sea World and the Zoo, going to the nature center, going to the tide pools to look at the sea life and much much more.

I am gonna have a ton of Ammo for my scrap booking nights hopefully soon to come! I have a subscription to a few scrap booking magazines and been getting a lot of great ideas in my head.
Yes I think it is going to be a fun filled summer for the whole family!

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