Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Sonics

It was a very busy day for us yesterday so There will be two parts to this blog.
After coming home from Cambria's birthday Party Gabe and I hopped on the Lambretta and headed to the Queen Mary for the Ink and Iron Show. When we got there we saw Mike and Loryn and all went inside together to catch up with some of our other friends on the Queen Mary where we had countless amounts of cocktails.

We first started off at the Piano Bar.which we got in good with the bartendress so we continued to buy all of our drinks there.

After about 3 cocktails we walked down to the show to watch The VooDuo and check out the scene

Than The Fuzztones played and some other Garage bands
We caught up with Dan and Sara

Than I ran into Tony and we saw Jennifer (pricket) whom we had not seen in a VERY long time

In a cloud of smoke is Gabe, Greg, and Chris

The Sonics Were not going to come on til the very end of the night so we went back to the Piano bar for more drinks. We met this guy there who used to play with the Sonics and he was telling us all these old cool rock and roll stories..we had to get a picture of this guy just for the great stories!

The Sonics were getting ready to Play and there is our friend on stage from the bar

THE SONICS!!!!! We were right in front and it got a little crazy. It was like a Mosh pit. There was this drunk chick who was stepping all over us and being drunk and obnoxious finally one girl standing next to us just started beating her up..everyone started giving her Hi fives.
Here is what the show was like
After the show we were hoping to run into the Sonics cause earlier we were hanging with the bass player and we all were thinking maybe they will be back so we had tons of drinks and I seen more people I had not seen in forever..By this point I was pretty wasted. I had 2 cosmos,2 panty burners and 3 cape cods. Us girls decided we would go outside cause everyone was going out there to smoke.
Low and Behold who comes out the elevator but Gerry Roslie the lead singer of the Sonics..Just who we wanted to hang with which we did briefly.
After Gerry left we went back to drink some more and than Don the bass player came up to have a drink
He got on the Piano and played some McCartney we were all singing..than it was time to head home
It was not that cold on the scooter was a nice evening..I took this photo of us on the scooter on the way home when we were stopped at a red light.

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